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SPUR Fellows

Bonnie Bell
Major : Honors Biology and AP Environmental Science
Mentor : Peter Serrano
Jaclyn Bubnell
Major : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Mentor : Paul Feinstein
Michea Caye
Major : Environmental Studies, PhD Candidate
Mentor : Darrell Wheeler
Joanna Ciavarella
Major : Chemistry
Mentor : Dixie Goss/ Nancy Greenbaum
Lisa Coleman
Major : Life Science
Mentor : Jason Dictenberg
Shamara Collins
Major : Electrical Engineering
Mentor : Steven Greenbaum
Renee Cotton
Major : Biological Chemistry
Mentor : Jill Bargonetti-Chavarria
Aaron Dolor
Major : Biochemistry
Mentor : Charles Michael Drain
Marisa Levy
Major : Molecular Integrated Neuroscience
Mentor : Victoria Luine
Fabiola Louis
Major : Biophysics
Mentor : Noel Goddard
Olivia Martin
Major : Biology
Mentor : Noel Goddard
Frances Morales
Major : Biology
Mentor : Diego Loayza
Kelechi Ndukwe
Major : Biology
Mentor : Marie Filbin
Hien Nguyen
Major : Psychology
Mentor : Peter Serrano
Holly Payne
Major : Biology
Mentor : Jesus Angulo
Michelle Rybak
Major : Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Mentor : Paul Feinstein
Carlyn Scott
Major : Psychology
Mentor : Tracy Dennis
Husna Shaik
Major : Biology
Mentor : Dixie Goss / Nancy Greenbaum
Gabrielle Winston-McPherson
Major : Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Mentor : Wayne Harding
Yakov Yakubov
Major : Neuroscience and Psychology
Mentor : Thomas Preuss