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SPUR Fellows

Bonnie Bell
Major : Honors Biology and AP Environmental Science
Mentor : David Mootoo
Jaclyn Bubnell
Major : Biochemistry
Mentor : Paul Feinstein
Nitzy Bustamante
Major : Neuroscience
Mentor : Cheryl Harding
Maureen Byrne
Major : Neuroscience
Mentor : Shirzad Jenab
Ayesha Chowdhry
Major : Biology
Mentor : Victoria Luine
Brandi Crosby
Major : Chemistry
Mentor : Wayne Harding
Allison Diamond
Major : Biology
Mentor : Jason Dictenberg
Patricia Garcia
Major : Biology
Mentor : Jill Bargonetti-Chavarria
Arturo Garza-Gongora
Major : Biology
Mentor : Jesus Angulo
Meryl Horn
Major : Biology
Mentor : Carmen Melendez-Vasquez
Jainee Lewis
Major : Cell and Molecular Biology
Mentor : Derrick Brazill
Jana Lovell
Major : Cell Biology and Genetics
Mentor : Peter Serrano
Olivia Mesoras
Major : Neuroscience
Mentor : Thomas Preuss
Ina Mexhitaj
Major : Biology
Mentor : Jesus Angulo
Joel Morales Rosado
Major : Microbiology
Mentor : Benjamin Ortiz
Farhan Nuruzzaman
Major : Biometry and Statistics
Mentor : Peter Moller
Jacqulyne Ponville
Major : Chemistry
Mentor : Nancy Greenbaum
Vielka Ramos
Major : Advanced Placement and Regents Chemistry Teacher
Mentor : Pamela Mills
Erica Santiago
Major : Anthropology
Mentor : Michael Steiper
Kai Saotome
Major : Chemistry
Mentor : Nancy Greenbaum
Glenn Velupillai
Major : Biomedical Sciences
Mentor : Nicholas Freudenberg