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Students Collaborate with Artists and Scientists on Community Health Awareness Mural Project in East Harlem.

From CUNY Newswire:

What: The Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation and Center for Translational and Basic Research (CTBR) will work together on a project that will engage high school students in the arts and sciences simultaneously. There are two parts to the project. The first uses a photography-based data collection method known as Photovoice. This process will get student-centric perspectives on their communities around East Harlem. These same students will then create public murals with artists to express ideas born out of Photovoice. Four street artists will work with students from Innovation High School to create four separate murals or installations. These measurable and eye-catching art projects will have a health awareness focus that is tracked and linked to community health insights.

When: The event will occur over multiple dates and events starting late spring and ending late summer 2015.
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Where: The project will work with students and artists in locations within East Harlem.

Why: In order to engage East Harlem High School students in the identification, collection, and analysis of data concerning health related issues in their own communities.


W h o ’s W h o

Center for Translational and Basic Research (CTBR) for Addressing Health Disparities and Improving Health Outcomes was established at Hunter College in 1985. In addition to supporting basic research, CTBR also encourages bright undergraduates, especially minorities, to develop a career in biomedical research by hosting a Summer Program for Undergraduate Research.

The Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation strives to help each Innovator-student develop leadership skills. The school strives to teach their students to use the same innovative approach to problem solving in their own lives that we use every day to model and run the school.

The four artists: Carlos Mare, Rodrigo Valles, Alice Mizrachi, gilf!

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