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Mentors (General Biomedicine)

Jill Bargonetti-Chavarria
DNA damage signaling to p53 and Mdm2.
Diana P. Bratu
Associate Professor
Post-transcriptional gene regulation via microRNAs; developmental patterning in Drosophila via RNA transport; live cell imaging.
Christopher B. Braun
Associate Professor; Chair, Psychology Department
Sensory systems in animals, Neural substrates of vibration and sound detection, Sensory variation, Ecology, Evolution
Derrick Brazill
Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
Extracellular Factors Regulating Cell Behavior.
Ying-Chih Chen
Laser physics; Laser devices; Biomedical optics; Photoacoustic imaging.
Robert P. Dottin
Regulation of gene expression by signal transduction.
Charles M. Drain
Professor; Chair, Chemistry Department
Supramolecular chemistry; Materials; Photonics; Photodynamic therapeutics.
Paul Feinstein
Associate Professor
Using targeted mutagenesis and mouse genetics to study how the brain functions.
David A. Foster
Rosalyn Yallow Professor
Signaling mechanisms involved in normal and cancer cell proliferation.
Lynn C. Francesconi
Inorganic biochemistry; Medical applications of inorganic chemistry.
James Gordon
Visual psychophysiology, Color vision, Pattern vision, Human visual development
Dixie J. Goss
Protein-nucleic acid interactions and their role in regulation of biological functions.
Nancy L. Greenbaum
RNA structural biology; Investigation of RNA, metallo-RNA, and protein-RNA complexes by solution NMR and other spectroscopic techniques; design of theragnostic agents for detection and treatment of cancer.
Steven G. Greenbaum
Experimental materials science; Magnetic resonance; Ionic conduction in solids; Energy storage and Conversion materials.
Mandë Holford
Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biological Diversity: An evolutionary roadmap to discovery and characterization of bioactive peptides from marine organisms
Akira Kawamura
Associate Professor
Structural and biological characterization of natural products.
Frida Kleiman
Mechanisms of Response to DNA Damage by Nuclear Factors.
Hyungsik Lim
Assistant Professor
Nonlinear optical microscopy; Visualization of the nervous systems including the retina
Diego Loayza
Associate Professor
Telomere functions in human cells.
Hiroshi Matsui
Bio-Nanotechnology; Drug Delivery; Medical Imaging; Cancer nanotechnology; Nanoparticles
Carmen V. Melendez-Vasquez
Associate Professor
Actomyosin regulation and mechanism of Myelin formation.
Peter Moller
Animal orientation and communication with focus on African weakly electric fishes: multisensory integration, development of social behavior; effects of endocrine disruptors.
David R. Mootoo
Organic synthetic methodology, glycomimetics.
Benjamin Ortiz
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
Gene regulation during T cell development.
Sandeep Prasada
Associate Professor
Lexical and conceptual representation and development.
Weigang Qiu
Associate Professor
Evolutionary informatics and microbial diversity.
Yuhang Ren
Associate Professor; Chair, Physics Department
Condensed Matter Physics, Nonlinear Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy and Biomedical Imaging
Patricia Rockwell
Signal transduction pathways.
Thomas Schmidt-Glenewinkel
Associate Professor
Biochemistry and molecular biology of neurotransmitter receptors and ion channels in Drophila melanogaster.
Michael Steiper
Associate Professor
Biological anthropology; Molecular evolution and phylogenetics; Population genetics; Primates; Malaria.
Yujia Xu
Associate Professor
Interaction and molecular recognition of protein, their involvement in diseased state and the applications in nano-technology.
Hualin Zhong
Assistant Professor
Regulation of gene expression and nuclear transport.