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Mentors (Drug Abuse/Addiction/Neuroscience)

Jesus A. Angulo
Principal Investigator/Program Director, Hunter RCMI Program; Professor
Methamphetamine and neural damage in the mammalian brain.
Tracy Dennis-Tiwary
Neural markers for anxiety and emotion regulation.
Maria E. Figueiredo-Pereira
The Ubiquitin/Proteasome pathway and inflammation in neurodegeneration.
Wayne Harding
Associate Professor
Medicinal chemistry and natural products chemistry.
Shirzad Jenab
Signal transduction pathways as related to abuse drugs, especially cocaine.
Michael Lewis
Behavioral neuroscience and neuropharmacology: alcohol dependence, eating disorders, and substance abuse.
Vanya Quiñones-Jenab
Professor / Associate Provost for Student Success and Retention
Molecular, neuroendocrinological and behavioral mechanisms of drug abuse and stress in females.
Peter A. Serrano
Associate Professor
Signaling pathways regulating synaptic plasticity; Cognitive development and memory.
Mariann Weierich
Associate Professor
Neural and behavioral mechanisms of affective processing