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Brian Zeglis

Assistant Professor
Department :
Membership :
Associate Member
Core Research :
Office :
Belfer Research Building, BB430
Email :
Office Phone :
(212) 896-0443
Lab Room:
Education :
  • B.S., Yale University
  • Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
  • Postdoctoral Research, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Research Interest :

The Zeglis Lab is focused on the synthesis, development, and validation of diagnostic, theranostic, and therapeutic agents for disease, particularly cancer. We are particularly interested in working at the intersection of molecular design, bioorthogonal chemistry, and radiochemistry. We are currently working toward the creation of novel strategies for the site-specific labeling of immunoglobulins as well as the development of pretargeted methodologies for PET imaging and radioimmunotherapy.

Selected Publications :
  • Zeglis, B. M., Lewis, J. S. “The Bioconjugation and Radiosynthesis of 89Zr-DFO-Labeled Antibodies” Journal of Vis. Exp. 96, e52521 (2015).
  • Reiner, T., Lewis, J. S., Zeglis, B. M.* “Harnessing the Bioorthogonal Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Cycloaddition for Pretargeted PET Imaging” Journal of Vis. Exp. 96, e52335 (2015).*Corresponding author
  • Zeglis, B. M., Davis, C. B., Abdel-Atti, D., Carlin, S. D., Chen, A., Aggeler, R., Chen, A., Agnew, B., and Lewis, J. S. “Chemoenzymatic Strategy for the Synthesis of Site-Specifically Labeled Immunoconjugates for Multimodal PET and Optical Imaging” Biocon. Chem. 25, 2123 (2014).
  • Daumar, P., Zeglis, B. M., Ramos, N., Divilov, V., Sevak, K. K., Pillarsetty, N., Lewis, J. S. “Synthesis and Evaluation of 18F-labeled ATP Competitive Inhibitors of Topoisomerase II as Probes for Imaging Topoisomerase II Expression” Eur. J. Med. Chem. 86, 769 (2014).
  • Price, E. W., Zeglis, B. M., Cawthray, J., Lewis, J. S., Adam, M., Orvig, C. “What a Difference a Carbon Makes: H4Octapa vs. C3H4Octapa, Ligands for 111In and 177Lu Radiochemistry” Inorg. Chem. Online Publication 53, 10412 (2014).
  • Wagner, T., Zeglis, B. M., Groveman, S., Francesconi, L.C., Hermann, W. A., Kuhn, F. E., Reiner, T. “Synthesis of the first radiolabeled 188Re N-heterocyclic carbene complex and initial studies on its potential use in radiopharmaceutical applications” J. Label. Cmpd. Radiopharm. 57, 441 (2014).
  • Deri, M., Ponnala, S., Zeglis, B. M., Pohl, G., Dannenberg, J.J., Lewis, J. S., Francesconi, L. C. “An Alternative Chelator for 89Zr Radiopharmaceuticals: Radiolabeling and Evaluation of 3,4,3-(LI-1,2-HOPO)” J. Med. Chem. 57, 4849 (2014).
  • Zeglis, B. M., Emmetiere, F., Pillarsetty, N., Weissleder, R., Lewis, J. S., Reiner, T. “Building Blocks for the Construction of Bioorthogonally Reactive Peptides via Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis” Chem. Open. 3, 48 (2014).
  • Reiner, T., and Zeglis, B. M.* “The Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Click Reaction in Radiochemistry” J. Labl. Cmpd. Radiopharm. 57(4), 285 (2014).*Corresponding author
  • Zeglis, B. M., Houghton, J. L., Evans, M. J., Viola-Villegas, N., Lewis, J.S. “Underscoring the Influence of Inorganic Chemistry on Nuclear Imaging with Radiometals.” Inorg. Chem. 53(4), 1880 (2014).
  • Price, E. W., Zeglis, B. M., Lewis, J. S., Adam, M. J., and Orvig, C. “H6phospa-Trastuzumab: A Bifunctional Methylenephosphonate-based Chelator with 89Zr, 111In and 177Lu.” Dalton Trans. 43, 119 (2014).
  • Price, E. W., Zeglis, B. M., Cawthray, J. F., Ramogida, C. F., Ramos, N., Lewis, J. S., Adam, M. J., and Orvig, C. “H4octapa-Trastuzumab: The Application of a Versatile Acyclic Chelate System for 111In and 177Lu Imaging and Therapy.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135(34), 12707 (2013).
  • Zeglis, B. M., Sevak, K. K., Reiner, T., Mohindra, P., Carlin, S. D., Zanzonico, P., Weissleder, R., and Lewis, J. S. “A Pretargted PET Imaging Strategy Based on Bioorthogonal Diels-Alder Click Chemistry” J. Nucl. Med. 54(8), 1389 (2013).
  • Zeglis, B. M., Davis, C. B., Aggeler, R., Kang, H. C., Chen, A., Agnew, B., and Lewis, J. S. “An Enzyme-Mediated Methodology for the Site-Specific Radiolabeling of Antibodies Based on Catalyst-Free Click Chemistry” Biocon. Chem. 24, 1057 (2013).
  • Zeng, D.§, Zeglis, B. M.§, Lewis, J. S., and Anderson, C. “The Growing Impact of Bioorthogonal Click Chemistry on the Development of Radiopharmaceuticals” J. Nucl. Med. 54(6), 829 (2013).§Co-first authors.
  • Deri, M. A.§, Zeglis, B. M.§, Francesconi, L. C., Lewis, J. S. “PET Imaging with 89Zr: From Radiochemistry to the Clinic” Nucl. Med. Bio. 40, 3 (2013).§Co-first authors.
  • Zeglis, B. M., Holland, J. P., Lebedev, A. Y., Cantorias, M. V., and Lewis, J. S. “Radiopharmaceuticals for Imaging in Oncology with Special Emphasis on Positron-Emitting Agents” in Nuclear Oncology: Pathophysiology and Clinical Applications. Strauss W., Mariani G., Volterrani, D., and Larson, S. M., eds. Springer: New York, 35-78 (2012).
  • Bailey, G. A., Price, E. W., Zeglis, B. M., Ferreira, C. L., Boros, E., Lacasse, M. J., Patrick, B. O., Lewis, J. S., Adam, M. J., and Orvig, C. “H2azapa: A Versatile Acyclic Multifunctional chelator for 67Ga, 64Cu, 111In, and 177Lu” Inorg. Chem. 51, 12575 (2012).  
  • Zeglis, B. M., Mohindra, P., Weissmann, G. I., Divilov, V., Hilderbrand, S. A., Weissleder, R., and Lewis, J. S. “A Modular Strategy for the Construction of Radiometallated Antibodies for Positron Emission Tomography Based on Inverse Electron Demand Diels-Alder Click Chemistry.” Biocon. Chem. 6, 424 (2011).
  • Zeglis, B. M., Pillarsetty, N., Divilov, V., Blasberg¬, R. A., and Lewis, J. S. “The Synthesis and Evaluation of N1-(4-(2-[18F]-fluoroethyl)phenyl)-N¬8-hydroxyoctanediamide ([18F]-FESAHA), A PET Radiotracer Designed for the Delineation of Histone Deacetylase Expression in Cancer.” Nuc. Med. Bio. 38, 683 (2011).
  • Zeglis, B. M. and Lewis,  J. S. “A Practical Guide to the Construction of Radiometallated Bioconjugates for Positron Emission Tomography.” Dalton Trans., 40, 6168 (2011).
  • Zeglis, B. M., Divilov, V., and Lewis, J. S. “Role of Metalation in the Topoisomerase II-alpha Inhibition and Antiproliferation Activity of a Series of alpha-Heterocyclic-N4-Substituted Thiosemicarbazones and Their Cu(II) Complexes.” J. Med. Chem., 54, 2391 (2011).
  • Zeglis, B. M., Kaiser, J. T., Pierre, V. C., and Barton, J. K. “Crystal Structures of a Rhodium Metalloinsertor Bound to an Adenosine-Adenosine Mismatch: General Architecture of the DNA insertion Binding Mode.” Biochemistry, 48, 4247 (2009).
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  • Chianese, A. R., Zeglis, B. M., and Crabtree, R. H. “Unexpected Oxidative C-C- Cleavage in the Metallation of 2-substituted Imidazolium Salts to Give N-heterocylic Carbene Complexes.” Chem. Comm., 19, 2176 (2004).
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