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Genomics Facility

The Genomics Facility houses a group of shared instruments used to analyze DNA, RNA, protein, and radiolabeled substances. All instruments are user-operated, but all users must first receive instruction on each instrument from the facility manager. Users must sign provided logs when using instruments; fees are collected for several of the facility instruments (to defray supply and service contract costs).


Joon Kim
Facility Manager

Office: 919B HN


Phone: 212-650-3429

Rules of Operation

  1. First-time users of any instrument must receive instruction from the Facility Manager.
  2. All users must sign the provided log books each time an instrument is used.
  3. Developer and Fixer chemicals for the Konica Minolta SRX-101A X-ray film Developer are replenished by the facility manager.  Leave a message with facility manager (212-650-3429) if you encounter ANY problems.  Do not leave film stuck in the processor without notifying the manager!
  4. The Principal Investigator of each lab will be responsible for his/her laboratory personnel.
  5. Report any problems to the manager as soon as possible.


Service Fees
Applied BioSystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System - $10/plate
Kodak X-Omatic 2000 Processor – standard fee of $50/quarter ($200/year)