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Flow-Cytometry (FACS) Facility

The Flow-Cytometry (FACS) Facility provides analyses of up to 7 parameters in eukaryotic cell populations and sorts cells under sterile conditions. These analyses can be used to identify and isolate rare cell populations, determine chromosome ploidy in individual cells, study apoptosis, and study cell-signaling among other applications.

User training for the FACS Calibur (Becton-Dickinson Biosciences) and assistance in its operation is available by appointment through the facility's manager. Periodic user training on the FACS Calibur is also provided through specialized seminars.

The FACS Vantage (Becton-Dickinson Biosciences) is operated only by the facility manager. The manager and project director are available to discuss projects and to advise investigators on the applications relevant to their project.


Joon Kim
Facility Manager

Office: 919B HN


Phone: 212-650-3429

Rules of Operation

  1. Make an appointment to use the equipment at least one week in advance.
  2. Equipment use is limited to a 2-hour period per laboratory per day unless special arrangements are authorized. Users must notify the facility of any cancellation at least 6 hours in advance. For the FACS Vantage, a set-up fee will be charged for a missed appointment.
  3. Sign the log book that is placed adjacent to all instruments.
  4. After each session on the FACS Calibur, follow the instrument cleaning procedure.
  5. The principal investigator of each lab will be responsible for his/her laboratory personnel.
  6. Report any problems to the manager as soon as possible.

Safety Precautions

  1. Lasers

a. FACS Caliubr is equipped with air-cooled Argon laser emitting at 488 nm and a Diode laser emitting at 633 nm. Although the lasers are enclosed, the light may be visible (with difficulty) if the cover is opened. Do not look at the laser light. It can damage your eyes.

b. FACS Vantage is equipped with Enterprise and HeNe water-cooled lasers, which are visible when the instrument is in operation. No one is allowed in the room without the presence of the facility manager while the instrument is in operation.

      2. Specimens

Depending on the investigator's specimens, users need to wear appropriate protective clothing (latex gloves, lab coats, face shield etc.). No materials requiring BL2 should be brought to the facility. Latex gloves should be used when changing fluids in the FACS Calibur.

Facility Service Policy and Fees

FACSCalibur usage: $10.00 per hour
(minimum charge of $10 for each use)

FACSVantage Usage: $20.00 per hour + set-up fee of $20.00 (per day) (1/2 hr. minimum)
There is an additional set-up fee of $20.00 for sterile sort.
(The minimum charge for use of the FACS Vantage is $30.00)