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Digital Bio-Imaging Facility

The Bio-Imaging facility is located in room 826 of the North Building of Hunter College. The facility currently provides optical and video microscopy services.The facility is equiped with two confocal miroscopes, a Leica TCS SP2, and a Perkin Elmer UltraVIEW ERS Spinning Disc confocal. Recently we have added a Nikon SIM-TIRF super resolution microscope. In addtion to the afore mentioned scopes the facility is also equipped for bright field, phase contrast, modulation contrast and epi fluorescence microscopy. The facility has two separate wide field image analysis stations. A Nikon Optiphot microscope equipped with a color video system and Compix imaging software, and a Nikon Eclipse TE200 inverted scope. This inverted scope in specially configured to perform calcium ratio imaging is equipped with Molecular Devices Meta Fluor software. The facility also has two powerful imaging workstations equiped with Nikon Elements and BitPlane Imaris for Image analysis.  The facility has recently expanded with the aquisition of a JEOL JEM-100C/CX Transmission Electron Microscope.The facility also is equiped with Typhoon 9410 scannerf or the quantitation and localization of sub cellular fluorescent and radioactive molecules. In addition, a Densitometer allows for the analysis of 1 and 2 D gels, Southern, northern and western blots and RFPL gels. The facility is also equipped with color and B&W laser printers for the production of publication quality graphics and presentation materials.

Detailed descriptions of the facility's equipment and other facility related information can be found on the Biology Department Website.


Lloyd Williams, Ph.D.
Facility Director

Office: Room 806B North


Phone: (212) 650 3872

Fax: (212) 650 3565

Zhong  Wang

Title: Facility Assistant

Phone: (212) 396 6284


Office: Room 826C North

Rules of Operation

For a complete list of the facility's rules of operations and services, as well as a detailed instrument list, please visit  visit the facility website.